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  1. Interchanges with Google Adsense and Pay per Click

    August 7, 2008 by Admin

    Google Adsense and pay per click programs are interchangeable solutions that have one thing in mind, i.e. profit. Perhaps 1000 businesses worldwide use the PPC or pay per click programs, but not everyone of these businesses gain. Rather some lose money and some never see the traffic that most PPC programs claim they will get for purchasing ads or keywords. Many of the users who surf the Internet searching for products or services either stumble upon them by chance, or they use keyword phrases and terms. The terms and phrases are relevant to their search, which helps them to find their products or services quickly. Pay close attention to the previous subject.

    If you intend to use Google’s Adsense or pay per click system, then your focus should be on relevant keywords. Google said it live internationally that their goal is to choose the most relevant keyword phrases and terms to place in the top position. While Google focuses on relevancy however, most of your users prefer to use natural searches to find information. Thus, if you plan to use a PPC system, you may also want to add some search engine optimization to your plan so that you do not miss out on some of the market. Google’s system makes up one of the three tier programs. What you are dealing with is a network system which places ads on a wide variety of search sites. For example, Yahoo places its ads on InfoSpace, MSN, NetZero, Dogpile, ESPN, Alta Vista, Juno, and so forth. Google makes it possible for about any web owner to place its ads on their web sites. Thus, Yahoo has a restricted span, but Yahoo is still moving up the ladder. Google’s ads are often seen on AOL, Earthlink, CompuServe, Netscape, Excite, AskJeeve, and various other areas online.

    The swap program is forever interchanging, and for this reason those who use the PPC or Adsense programs should learn the patterns, especially if that person intends to make profit and generate traffic. Right now, MSN is probably one of the easiest PPC programs to use and you are likely to get in higher rank sooner than you would use Google’s system. Yahoo is also easier than Google to get a higher rank.

    The interchangeable programs make it easy to drive traffic to your web site quicker, but in some instances the systems fail. There are many reasons why visitors will not click on your ads. Once, if you have a web site that requires a password to login to the site, you made a serious mistake by signing up for pay per click ads. Thank your lucky stars you only lost a few dollars, or even a few hundred dollars if this is the case. You could have blown all your funds. It makes no sense to put pay per click ads on a password protected web site. There are various other reasons visitors won’t click on your ads as well. I suggest you learn them before you sign up with the PPC programs.

  2. Search Engine Optimisation and Yahoo Keywords

    by Admin

    When it comes to search engine optimisation and Yahoo keywords it pays to know some information that helps you to optimise your web pages so that you can reach your goal to achieve the highest rank. Search engine optimisation and Yahoo keywords are designed for the reason to provide information to users’, which Yahoo! Will enforce penalties to those who misuse keywords: when marketers use spam pages to trick the search engines, it is known as “black hat” marketing and it is inappropriate behaviours that create redundant and poor quality search results that users’, Google, Yahoo, and other search engines do not accept:

    Some examples of black hat marketing that you want to avoid include:
     The use of duplicate or invisible text
     Pages used to direct users solely to other pages
     Multi-Site offers with the exact content
     Abuse of cross web links that create artificial link popularity
     Pages that appear fraudulent, deceptive, or provide the users experience poor search results and use of excessive popup can interfere with user’s navigation abilities;

    you want to avoid these black hat marketing strategies as Google and Yahoo both will not accept you. Yahoo and Google strive hard to provide the users’ with the best search engine results and experiences and deliver relevant results to searchers. For this reason, search engine optimisation and Yahoo keywords should be search engine friendly and user-friendly. Computerized algorithms are used by the major search engines to ensure that the users’ get what they deserve.

    Internet marketers must use “white hat” marketing solutions. Yahoo and Google can help web owners generate a good measure of traffic to their web sites, especially when marketers are not using black hat marketing strategies to manipulate the systems. Yahoo result factors push marketers to consider relevant keywords, links, etc.

    Yahoo is one of the leading systems on the Internet that helps Internet marketers generate traffic to their web sites via user-friendly search engines. Still, we must consider the wide range of intricate details and take them into account. Yahoo handles their white hat marketing solutions different than Google or even MSN. Yahoo search results factor in about anything from on-page content to off-page text links. Most importantly, Yahoo focuses on relevancy of the URL to a specified search.

    Most of the Internet marketers focus on getting their page ranked high with Google. What they fail to realize is that Google is by far the most complex system on the Internet and it is never easy to get ranked high with Google’s system. It takes great effort on your part. It makes more sense to get a high rank with MSN and Yahoo, as well as other search engines online, simply because when you rank high with these search engines, you are likely to get picked up by Google’s algorithms a heck of a lot quicker. You get search engine optimisation and Yahoo keywords simply to get a good rank with Yahoo, next, work to get a good rank with MSN, and then worry about Google in your search engine optimisation and Yahoo keywords journey.

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