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  1. Pay Per Click and Inbound Links

    August 10, 2008 by Admin

    You can use pay per click systems to buy your way to Google’s top rank, or you can choose the organic way to increase your chance of getting to the top of Google’s PR. pay per click can cost you a fortune. A lot of the “Big fish” use the PPC systems to buy their way to the top and everything is ok, or is it? The “Big fish” have to continue paying the most for keywords to continue holding their rank with PPC systems, otherwise their web site could easily fall in to a lower rank in due time. One of the best ways to get your web pages ranked at the top with Google is to consider organic strategies, including inbound links.

    Inbound links can provide you with the greatest chance of getting ranked at the top with Google. You can use Pay per Click systems and continue bidding on keywords and hope that you buy the most popular terms and phrases that catch Google’s attention, but remember that if your competitor has had more visitors to his or her web site than you have, Google will index and Rank your competitors site over yours. Popularity is always considered with Google’s algorithms. If you choose the organic way, which most Internet users prefer, then getting enough inbound links can change how Google ranks your pages. Web pages get ranked not web sites, yet a Home Page could achieve a higher rank than some of your other pages.

    The best way to get around this is to use single links. For instance, you can vote in a page, such as a PR4, and get your other pages on this level by passing the links rather than splitting them. One of the most effective ways to spread or pass your links is to add plenty of links to all of your web pages. You can do this by linking one page to the next and so on. Did you know that larger web sites often get spotted by Google quicker than smaller web sites? The more web pages you link to the other and the more pages you add to a web site, the more chances you will have of Google ranking your pages higher. Of course, it takes a lot more than this to get a higher rank and you don’t want to spend hours on in creating thousands of web pages.

    If you prefer the Pay per Click solution, you will need to learn some different aspects of the program. You have some different things to consider with Pay per Click, including NexTag, BizRate and Shopzilla, Price Watch, PriceSCAN, and so forth. Shopzilla and BizRate are two of the most popular PPC sites. When you use these systems, nominal fees are charged, which can range from 10cents to 30cents. The highest bidders get the first listing.

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