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August 28, 2008 by Admin

Content has several important aspects for you to consider. We will look at ranking first for the keywords in page content. The keywords from a search engine point of view need to be bold, italics, or in a bullet format. By emphasizing the words they are easier to pay attention to and find. If you don’t emphasize anything, nothing is going to show up as especially useful. You don’t want to over emphasize things though. In this case you need to be selective in what you emphasize as that will draw the eyes of your consumers and the rankings higher.

The best thing you can do with content is make it natural. You want the keywords to be easy to see and read within the text. We will offer an example below, but first consider the plural and singular forms. They are considered the same words, but it offers a more seamless transition.

If you have content about Lap Tops with Lap Tops and Computers as your main keywords, you want something that uses all the words, but not every two sentences. Variety is going to offer more information and make it seamless. Depending on the searcher, the plural or singular forms may be used in the search so keep that in mind. Here is an example of text:

Lap Tops are incredibly convinent and coming increasingly popular. Their increase in sales far out strips desktop computers.

In our example we started the paragraph off with the main keyword and also linked the other main keyword in relatively the same area. This is not what you want to do. You might use Lap Tops in the first paragraph and then use computers to start the next. You may use a non keyword to start the next paragraph as well. The spacing is not for ranking, but appealing to the consumer reading the paper.

Ranking and search engine optimsation is only concerned with keyword stuffing and therefore the density of words used. You don’t want a 500 word content page with 100 keywords. Instead you want a pretty low density to make it readable and entertaining. The search engines find keyword stuffing deplorable and can deduct or offer penalties for such things. There is a Keyword tool that will analyze your density to make sure you are within the limits. It helps you to get a figure to aim for without being penalized.

Here are two things to consider:
. Know what keywords the competitors are using
. Discover words that may be overlooked by others and even by you. You can use keyword tools to get a list of possible options that are unique, but useful all the same.
. The keywords you use should be related to the primary keywords. In other words relevancy is again an issue. If they are not relevant then you lose your ranking and consumers.
. Synonyms can be use. They are a great tool to mean the same thing, but avoid the keyword stuffing.
. You can also use the misspelled words option, again do this once or twice, but don’t make a habit. It will help you get the consumers that may spell things differently.

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