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Pay per Click Traffic Builders

August 29, 2008 by Admin

Pay per click programs are traffic building solutions that may of your big businesses opt to use to buy their way to the top. Some of the popular programs include BizRate and Shopzilla. Pay per click systems have two functions, one is to allow you to pay for each click and for traffic that is sent to your web pages. PriceGrabber is another form of PPC programs. The thing with PriceGrabber is that it is a storefront system that enables you to take orders from customers and the company will send you information to send the products out to the customers. There is a percentage that you must pay, using this system. This is the two ways to use pay-per-click systems.

BizRate is another Pay per click and it goes hand-in-hand with Shopzilla, since the two are the most popular PPC systems online. Both services charge nominal fees for each category listing. Usually the rates start at 10cents and up to 30cents. There is an actual rate system as well on bidding. Those who bid the highest usually get the first listing, i.e. until one of the visitor’s “re-sorts the list.”

Another PPC system is NexTag. You also have to pay minimal fees for each category listing and positioned bids. NexTag does have a minimal requirement in which you have to deposit into an account to use the program. NexTag lists both services and products. This means that you can get your site listed on NexTag through their PPC or bidding program. Another program is Price Watch. The disadvantage of Price Watch is they only sell computer stuff, so you only want to use this program if you are selling items along this line. PriceSCAN allows you to list your products free on their web site. This means you can add your web link to show off your products or services, free of charge. Don’t expect much from this system.

Now we can get to the nitty-gritty, or the PPC programs that everyone considers at one time. The actual PPC systems can instantly generate traffic to your web pages. Rather than you waiting months or even years to generate traffic, you can use these services and in a matter of hours, days, or weeks, you could have traffic streaming to your web pages. But, there are disadvantages. 1) You may pay a fortune for the traffic you generate; 2) you may not get the traffic you desire, 3) it doesn’t always work with generating traffic to your web site so quickly.

If you elect to use the PPC programs, you will need to set up a campaign. The pay per click campaigns allow you to create shortcuts for the budget, search engines, and it gives you the way to bypass SEO (Search engine optimisation) and go straight toward the number 1 charts with Google. The downside about Pay per click campaigns, once more, it doesn’t always work this way.

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