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  1. Google Analytics Launches New Video Campaigns Reporting Feature

    March 29, 2014 by claudia.smith

    This week Google has announced the arrival of an improved reporting platform in TrueView, with the launch of their AdWords video campaigns report; allowing users to review the performance of video ads, developed using the Google AdWords for video platform.


  2. Google Launches AdWords Consumer Rating Annotations

    March 13, 2014 by claudia.smith

    Google has rolled out it’s Consumer Ratings Annotation service across UK, US and Canadian markets, within the Google AdWords Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing platform.


  3. Twitter Launches New Filters for Searching People, Videos and Local Information

    February 3, 2014 by claudia.smith

    The micro-blogging site announced last week that it had switched on improved functionalities for users, enabling them to search for people, photos, videos and news more easily, using the social media marketing platform.


  4. A Year in the World of Internet Search Services

    January 20, 2014 by claudia.smith

    2013 was a big year for SEO and SEM industries; a lot happened to completely change the face of search, and in 2014, there are set to be many more alterations to the way that search markets operate; changes that will continue to impact upon Search Engine Optimisation strategies; the products and services available, and how we all engage with them locally, nationally and globally.


  5. Consumers Take to Mobile Devices for Black Friday Buying Frenzy

    December 9, 2013 by claudia.smith

    Following Black Friday, the Friday after thanksgiving that signals the start of the festive shopping season, data from major retailers has shown that bricks and mortar sales have continued to decline, while sales through e-commerce platforms are on the upward curve, with mobile devices adding to the post Christmas shopping frenzy.


  6. Meet the Top Click Media Team

    November 25, 2013 by claudia.smith

    At Top Click Media we specialise in extending your web reach with Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategies that are tailored to suit your industry, your brand and your budget. With over a decade of experience in Internet marketing, including organic search and paid advertising channels, we have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the broad spectrum of platforms that are available to help you maximise the profile of your business and your brand online.


  7. Google Expands AdWords PLAs on Mobile Devices

    October 22, 2013 by claudia.smith

    In Q1 of this year Google launched it’s Product Listing Ads (PLAs) for mobile devices, the paid ad facility is aligned to Google’s Pay Per Click (PPC) AdWords platform, and provides “richer product information” in response to a search query from users; displaying product image and price, along with the name of the merchant. Google has announced this week that their PLAs for mobile devices have been updated; enabling more products to be displayed in their search result pages. Just in time for Christmas.


  8. Google Hummingbird Algorithm Changing the Face of Search

    October 15, 2013 by claudia.smith

    Last month Google’s Senior Vice President of Search Amit Singhal confirmed that the search engine had launched it’s “Hummingbird” algorithmic update, affecting 90% of global Google searches; equating to over 5 billion searches per day. The new algorithm was inspired by the change in the way that users are engaging with the world’s leading search engine, with longer, more complex queries being posted, making the established “Boolean” approach insufficient when it comes to accurately responding to users queries.


  9. Report Shows Content and Case Studies the key to New Business Leads

    September 26, 2013 by claudia.smith

    US based internet marketing business developers RSW have published their latest report, reviewing the most effective approaches to new lead generation online. The ‘2013 New Business Thought Leader Survey Report’ reviews the “self-promotional tactics” that US agencies utilise in order to effectively engage potential clients and generate new business leads.


  10. Google Adds Offline Conversions Import Feature to AdWords Dashboard

    September 9, 2013 by claudia.smith

    Google has added a new feature to their AdWords portfolio that allows PPC advertisers to track and optimise the performance of their Google ads offline, with the ‘Conversion Import’ tool. Tracking the offline performance of online ads has always proved difficult for advertisers; without a comprehensive overview of exactly how much revenue any given ad can generate, the accurate value (or the perceived value) of a campaign’s performance is often skewed. (more…)

  11. Google Implements Integrated Paid & Organic Report

    August 30, 2013 by claudia.smith

    Last week Google launched their paid & organic report through their AdWords platform, providing internet marketers and Webmasters with SEO optimisation data for their organic search results, alongside the stats generated by PPC campaigns; providing a comprehensive overview of their web presence across the two channels. The new AdWords paid & organic report rolled out last week, with the new format making it easier for online advertisers to review keyword performance across the Google portfolio. (more…)

  12. Bing Launches New Product Search Feature

    August 29, 2013 by claudia.smith

    Last week Bing announced that they were sunsetting their Bing Shopping platform; replacing it with their latest internet marketing Product Search feature that integrates their search and product results in one page. Where Bing had previously directed users to two independent destinations; the new look Product Search will display the integrated shopping results at the top and to the right hand side of the standard listings.


  13. Social Media Platforms Go Hyper-Local

    July 30, 2013 by claudia.smith

    For many small businesses, maximising their ROI and making the most of more limited marketing budgets can be a challenge, and in a saturated marketplace, sometimes it can be hard to know where to channel time and energy to ensure the greatest output. It seems however that the major social media marketing players are recognising that looking up local businesses on the web accounts for a significant proportion of all online searches. A recent study, entitled ‘Local Consumer Review’ from SEO news site Search Engine Land revealed that 85% of consumers will take to the Internet in order to look up businesses locally, and if you have a captive audience searching for a service you provide in their area; you need to be grabbing them with both virtual hands. (more…)

  14. Bing Confirms Product Ads Platform is in Beta

    July 29, 2013 by Trent Morgan

    Last week, Adobe software systems announced that they have launched support for Bing product ads; indicating Bing are progressing their bid to compete with Google’s already established product listings service. In the same way that Google draws information from their Google Merchant Centre, including data from a particular merchant’s product feeds, displaying pricing, product details (including promotional text) and images associated to a particular search term; Bing’s Product Ads will enable internet marketing advertisers to promote their products online in their search result listings. (more…)

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